NHS Nursing

Relocation Packages

The NHS offers up to £4,000* to help you relocate from overseas when starting your new permanent role.

Wellbeing Services

Access to fitness options such as yoga, pilates classes, and discounted gym memberships.

Accomodation/Key Worker

Housing Eligibility

This is a government funded scheme that helps NHS workers to buy or rent at an affordable price.

Flexible Working Options

To help with a healthy work life balance, you are be able to work certain hours or shift patterns to better suit your personal circumstances.

Cycle To Work

This scheme enables you to purchase a new bike with easy monthly payments through payroll.

Car Leasing Scheme

Designed to allow you access to a car of your choice without needing a deposit.

Buying and Selling

Annual Leave

You may be entitled to buy up to an extra ten days a year.

Counselling Services

There is a free, independent and confidential counselling service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


This tax free initiative offers workplace nurseries or childcare vouchers for a registered provider of their choice.

Corporate Benefits

Special NHS discounts that have been agreed across the UK in a wide range of products and services.

Training and Professional

Career Development

Support to keep your skills and knowledge up to date whilst helping you expand your experience and build confidence.

Pension scheme

An excellent pension package, offering a variety of extra benefits, with high contribution rates.